scary phone call

today I received a call from my standard 6 daugther. She cried uncontrollably. I was scared like hell. The younger sister (standard 1) who is supposed to go back with her was not at the school. And when she get home … adik dia still tak ada kat rumah. The van driver also called me … telling me my daughter tak ada kat rumah. With all the things that happen around us lately … anak yang hilang .. for sure I pun panic tak tentu hala. As I waas ready to head home … suddenly the school van driver called me and told me that my daughter ada dalam compound sekolah … main ikan dalam kolam.

When I called my daughter kat rumah … she was crying. I bet it because her sister marah kat dia sebab make us all worry. But I was relived. She promise not to do it again.

Phew!! My kids are the most valuable asset that I have.


~ by snash on January 29, 2008.

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