Entrecard does not work in my blog

•June 12, 2008 • 2 Comments

I have been working for more than one hour to rectify the problem. If you have the same problem with me please leave your comment here. My other blog WeCanTrust Dot Com don’t have any problem.

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Usana Testimony – Gout

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Testimony yang baik dari seorang yg menghidapi gout dan gastrik. Kawan beliau reput paru2.

8 Deadly Diseases

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The World Health Organisation warns that cancer, heart disease and other chronic conditions, which already kill more than 24 million people a year, will impose increasing burdens of suffering and disability on hundreds of millions of others. These are the public health enemies throughout the modern world.

1: Heart Disease
2: Cancer
3: Stroke
4: Diabetes
5: Osteoporosis
6: Arthritis
7: Alzheimer
8: Obesity

Are You a Likely Victim?

8 Penyakit yang Mengancam
Organisasi Kesihatan Sedunia telah memberi amaran bahawa kanser , penyakit jantung dan penyakit kronik yang lain, telah membawa maut kepada lebih 24 milion orang setahun, dan akan terus membawa kesengsaraan dan ketidakupayaan kepada manusia yang tidak terkira banyak di dunia ini. Penyakit berikut merupakan musuh kesihatan dunia moden.

1. Penyakit Jantung
2. Kanser
3. Strok
4. Penyakit Kencing Manis
5. Osteoporosis
6. Artritis
7. Alzheimer
8. Keobesan

Apakah mungkin anda juga mangsanya?

scary phone call

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today I received a call from my standard 6 daugther. She cried uncontrollably. I was scared like hell. The younger sister (standard 1) who is supposed to go back with her was not at the school. And when she get home … adik dia still tak ada kat rumah. The van driver also called me … telling me my daughter tak ada kat rumah. With all the things that happen around us lately … anak yang hilang .. for sure I pun panic tak tentu hala. As I waas ready to head home … suddenly the school van driver called me and told me that my daughter ada dalam compound sekolah … main ikan dalam kolam.

When I called my daughter kat rumah … she was crying. I bet it because her sister marah kat dia sebab make us all worry. But I was relived. She promise not to do it again.

Phew!! My kids are the most valuable asset that I have.

network marketing

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hey what happen to my blog … penat ni taip … hilang camtu aje …

By the way, I want to share something about my network marketing. I always thought network marketing is impossible and very hard to do. I tried before and I always fail. Part of the reason … the product is expensive, most people know about it and they don’t give u a chance even to open your mouth to say it … and lastly because your are way way down the line.

With USANA network marketing, it is so different. The company USANA HEALTH SCIENCE is the no 1 network marketing ..even the product is the no 1 product especially the ESSENTIAL. All the products is HALAL (the skincare the the supplement). I already try all the skincare and the truth they are good. It just make you feel easy, comfortable and safe and it does not contain PARABEN that can cause CANCER.

I’m sure I can do better with this business and RUZITA go DIAMOND GO.

network marketing

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I always thought networking is impossible to do. I tried before but always fail. The most probable reasons are dah lama ada kat Malaysia …. if you are last in the line then you die lah, another reason is that …. nak sebut pasal the product pun takut … u want to know why …because everybody knows about it.

With USANA Network Marketing .. I don’t have that problem. With the no 1 network marketing and the no 1 product … I don’t have to worry at all. By the way its HALAL. The skincare is great … I use all the ranges and they are really good. it do not contain PARABEN that can cause CANCER. The supplement ESSENTIAL which is the no 1 product is just awesome.It cantain all the minerals and vitamins that our body need in a optimal dosage.

Iknow this just the right business for me. I think its for you TOO

My True Wealth n True Health – USANA

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Actually there are so many thing that we can do to generate income. Dari yang kecil kecilan, like selling kuih, menjahit or any part time job that can generate income eventhough we are doing nothing at the moment. I have ample of free time doing my current business Zazen Health Solution. That is why I try to keep myself busy with embroidary (right or not the spelling) .. hentam ajelah. Menjahit ni very … what you call … mengasyikkan … selagi tak siap selagi tu tak nak berhenti …. baju kak long hawa dah siap … boleh tahan juga cantiknya … lepas ni nak try baju sendiri … baju lama ..lepas di improvise jahit manik …jadi cun … boleh buat baju raya unutk tahun ni ….
Now I want to share my other business – USANA – that means True Health … My whole family is taking USANA supplement at the momment. ESSENTIAL the main supplement .. for me is the best one … after taking nearly a bottle … i don’t have a problem with my leg anymore. Last time … nak bangun pagi … punyalah sakit … terdenkut dengkut … terjenkit jengkit … like really orang tua. Guess orang tua pun lagi hebat tak sakit. NOW no more … bangun dari duduk boleh terus berlari … TAK PERCAYA KE ? … meh datang sini tengok. By the way, nak jadikan USANA as one of your business pun tak susah … boleh buka one business center or you can open 3 business center … not complicated. USANA has very interesting business plan … NAK TAHU lebih lanjut … you can go to http://www.usanavalley.com. If you very interested to know more about this business … you can contact me at 013-351….. Can put my number here ke?
Aisay dah hujan lak … as usual no picture for ASTRO … dah agak dah … that is why awal awal dah suruh anak angkat kain ..
okaylah that’s for now .. lega rasanya cakap ngan computer … ADIOS see ya